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Thursday, 6 June 2013

What is good? Branding / Deliverables

Final Deliverables / 

/ Final Logo... The logo for me was a success, not only could it be instantly recognised, it also worked across various aspects of the exhibition. It looked quite minimalist from a distance... but as you study the logo closer, you can see the detail involved. Coinciding with the type of exhibition I was hosting, clean cut, minimalist but at the same time detailed and professional.

/ Secondary Logo... Taking influence and inspiration from the packaging of honey I developed a secondary logo which would be used within the publications and act as decoration for the identity. To keep a consistent theme, I used the same title which combines both of the words.... 'Plight' & 'Flight' relating to the devastating issue facing the honeybee's & our hope that they take flight once again.


- Ticket
- Wristband
- Invitation
- Lanyard
- Outdoor promotions
- Newspaper 'hype'
- Resource box
- Publication
- Research booklet
- Staff uniform

You can see the concept of my logo working effectively on the staff's lanyard. 'B' Professional, signifies that they're an expert in bee's and that they're also acting professionally.

Outdoor/ Exterior promotions

Applying a QR code scanner in contemporary times is quite a valuable tool, it will allow viewers who are waiting for buses/ passing by to scan the code using their smart phones. This will directly link them to the website which will fill them in on what the 'B' is really about.

Using a date under the title also raises peoples interests because they're intrigued as to whats happening on that particular date.

Using a page in the newspaper to exploit the exhibition seems like a very good approach, working in synergy with the bus stop promotion, it gives people that sense of mystery and idea to find out what it's all about. The newspaper approach was more of a 'hype' approach, that would hopefully spread over social networking sites as people try and find out what its about.

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