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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What is good? Resource box development

I struck gold when I came across this interior of a table, I showed peers just to make sure it wasn't just me that thought there was a resemblance to honeycomb. After salvaging it, I found that not only could it be cut down to fit within my container, but it was the perfect height. The reason I've spent so much time developing this area of my box is because I believe it provides the wow factor the resource box/ containments deserve.

Step 1: Using spray paint, coat the structure in a dark yellow

Step 2: Apply a large amount of honey (In the hope that this would eventually dry and add a sense of realism)

Step 3: Using Pure set honey, try and create varying levels of depth by covering the sides and outlines of the structure, providing it with a less uniform appearance.

Showcasing the developmental stages of the lid - ready to be drilled with specified positions.

The final hive - In my opinion I think I've managed to create a very well balanced hive that fits snugly with all of its contents - although I wish the pure set honey would've set more rigidly, as over time it has began to drop into the holes leaving quite a uniform structure.

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