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Monday, 16 September 2013

BAGD Exhibition, Poster Promotion

This brief was only a week long, and because of its timing and introduction into the module, I gave myself the best part of two days to complete the brief, from start to finish. I'd planned to develop a concept and solid idea on the first day, and then develop and complete the design on the second day.

Because of the frame and format of the poster, I didn't want to use multiple layers because the effect wouldn't have enough depth in my opinion, I took into consideration the lighting of the space and thought it would've been a good idea to incorporate vinyl, which would hopefully catch the light in its frame.

To start off, Myself and some peers did some word association (mainly because the brief was....brief in its requirements) 

The word association was prompted by three topics that were
-The space itself
-Changes/ Rotates

For an initial starting point this was a good task, however most of the words often strayed onto things that were less relevant. For this reason alone I decided to keep my approach strongly suited to the brief. Choosing ROTATION as my development.

Because of where it was situated and its purpose (to be presented to graphic design students), I decided to keep the design minimal in its layout and create something that would appeal to a broad audience.



Out of all 3 developments I'm most pleased with the one shown below. This is because it clearly shows the characteristic of rotation both through its type and image. The green also compliments the poster, giving its purpose a positive review.

In terms of vinyl, I initially wanted to incorporate this onto the swirling 'posters', however, I've incorporated gradients to give it that 3D feel, therefore I think it might be more suitable to vinyl cut the black text, reading 'rotating'

Final Design

Due to the timing of my hand in, I wasn't able to print this poster in the correct format, simply because the Print room wasn't fully functional and couldn't turn on computers or print any documents. As a secondary plan, I printed my poster in an A3 format just to give viewers an idea of the final document.

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